Watch the Full Google Doodle

As many of you likely know by now, this was today’s Google Doodle. When I saw it this morning, I thought it was so cute and when I got to the end, I said to myself, “Wait, did I just see two men? Was that a gay couple? Aww. Doodle equality.”

Then I got sad and angry because I knew the idiots who take issue with homosexuality would completely ruin the moment for everyone else by allowing their homohatery to get in the way of them just appreciating the Doodle for what it is.

A sweet little Valentine’s Day message about
universal love and companionship.

So I knew it best for my blood pressure not to read anything mentioning it but I made the mistake of going to Youtube to copy the link for embedding. My eye caught a few comments and yep. As predicted, a buncha snots raining on everyone else’s parade turned this Google Doodle into a vicious argument about homosexuality being disgusting and gay marriage being unnatural and the Bible this and God that and blah blippety bloopy fuck.

Someone even threw in a complaint about the video being too biased toward diversity because the final image didn’t show any couples of the same race. A ridiculous remark shot down by pointing out that the bulk of the video was about a couple of the same race.

One Christian commented that humans have strayed from our instincts enough let alone going that one step further by being gay and getting married. I thought it was an interesting choice of words considering there’s very little “instinct” involved in the legal institution of marriage and even less involved in religion.

In all of the heated back and forth I was reading, I found two things pretty hilarious. One was how often those voicing their disgust with gays went on the defensive about their right to have that opinion without being insulted or attacked for it.

Of course you can have an opinion but if your opinion is, in itself, an insult or attack, I don’t think your victim of the hatred of others shtick is gonna play out the way you’d like.

Two was that these flesh barrels full of the toxic waste that is the bashing of others over their sexuality are the very same people who believe judgement day is gonna come and that when it does, they’re gonna be the “in crowd”.

Not the people who watched the video and said, “Aww, love and togetherness!” No – they’re all going to hell. The people who said, “Google is fucking gross for including those sick perverts in its video. It makes me want to puke and I hope they all die!”

Yep. Those are the colorful characters that merciful, loving Jesus wants to roll deep with for all eternity – because who doesn’t love people with that kind of disposition?

Regardless, the one thing I always come back to – the thing that allows me to sleep at night without waking to an insatiable desire to blow everyone up – is that for every ignorant person supporting hateful arguments, there’s a less ignorant person to object.

When that’s no longer the case, I’ll worry.


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