A Word: Cisgender

I’m 1157.89% in support of most anything to do with the LGBT community, but I reject the expectation that as acceptance of maligned groups increases and the labels we apply to said groups evolve, the rest of us will follow suit by changing the way we identify ourselves.

I’ll never refer to myself as cisgender just because society is reshaping its awareness and understanding of transgender people. I don’t have to cite the fact that I’m a female who identifies as female in order to acknowledge and be supportive of those who don’t identify as the sex nature endowed. It’s unnecessary beyond social politics and I’m not into politics of any sort. I’m a proponent of less breath spent labeling outside of context, not more.

If I attend a function wherein categorization is immediately relevant (see; “Welcome to the Cis/Trans Alliance Gala! Which are you attending as this evening?”), I’ll say, “That would be cisgender, kind sir or madam! Where’s the food?”

But walking around qualifying every thought I have or prefacing my existence with, “As a cis female…” for no particular reason other than because that way people know I know being trans is a thing and I’m validating it is fucking ridiculous. I barely even mention that I’m human half the time. I think I can forgo highlighting that I’m not trans.

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