Introducing: In Reply

Back when I ran a popular commentary blog on Tumblr – we’re talking years ago before I realized I despise the internet – I used to do this thing called In Reply where I’d write a post in direct response to something specific, be it an article, a statement someone made, or a message I personally received.

I enjoyed it because it gave me a wide variety of topics to share my thoughts on with a more defined jumping off point compared to my other entries where I’d introduce a topic and explore it from scratch, arguably increasing the length of my posts tenfold.

I decided to bring In Reply back, albeit with a slight difference. This time, I’ll be including responses to YouTube videos. Since I’m not glued to YouTube, however, expect that most of my replies will be to videos uploaded by a scant handful of creators since they’re the only ones I bother to watch on a somewhat regular basis.

Also expect to see replies to people I’m not subscribed to and don’t watch because I sometimes let YouTube play in the background and it eventually cycles around to people and things I have no interest in and/or have never seen before that moment.

I mention that to make the point that me responding to a video doesn’t mean I was 1) searching for videos on that subject or 2) following the person who uploaded it.

Sometimes, shit just pops up.

What’s important is that I like to save time by writing out my response without explaining what I’m responding to. I’ll link to it or quote it and that’s it. So if you want the full context of what I’m referencing, you’ll have to check it for yourself.


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